MIES (FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships) - With the 2016 FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships taking place in Astana from 1-5 June, we preview the men's and women's tournament pool by pool.

Men's Pool C Teams Romania (#3 seed), Indonesia (#6), Italy (#11), Qatar (#14) and Kazakhstan (#19)

Story After winning the FIBA 3x3 World Championships in senior category, can Qatar take home the U18 trophy too? Nedim Muslic is the number one player in the world and good luck to anyone guarding the massive Seydou Ndoye (110kg).

The Kazakhstani hosts will rely on the speedy Ilyas Zhunusov and the lanky Artem Parfenov, who come back with plenty experience after a difficult 2015 edition (22nd).

Indonesia is the third Asian team in the pool and have not missed the event since 2013. The team will be both the shortest and lightest squad in the entire event.

Romania impressed last year and fell just one basket shy of the semi-finals. This is a new team, which features several players who shined in basketball youth categories including playmaker Georges Darwiche.

Italy won bronze at home in the inaugural edition of the competition but went quiet since then. The Azzurri are back with two players over 2m including the promising Nicholas Dessi.

Team Stats Oldest/Youngest team: Italy (18)/Romania (17) Tallest/Shortest team: Qatar (1.97m)/Indonesia (1.83m) Heaviest/Lightest team: Qatar (91kg)/Kazakhstan (77kg)

Player Stats Oldest/Youngest player: Artem Parfenov, Kazakhstan (18)/Bakhtiyar Namazbayev, Kazakhstan (16) Tallest/Shortest player: Andrea Mezzanotte, Italy (2.05m)/Ilyas Zhunusov, Kazakhstan (1.75m) Heaviest/Lightest player: Seydou Ndoye, Qatar (110kg)/ Flavio Gay, Italy (67kg)


Data Pemain Indonesia FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championship 2016

Very Kurniawan. Ranking 13.449 Dunia.

Patrick Nikolas. Ranking 3.305 Dunia.

Erlan Perkasa. Ranking 1.342 Dunia.

Ramdhan Yudha Yuwana. Ranking 26.190 Dunia.



Foto: FIBA. (Nedim Muslic, pemain Qatar, Ranking 204 Dunia/Ranking 1 Dunia U18)